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We supply mezuzot in the sizes 10 cm (4") and 12 cm (5") from 150-400 NIS.
15 cm (6") mezuzot start from 200 NIS.
Small mezuzot of 6 cm (2.5") from 150 NIS each. Mezuzot of 7 cm (2.75") and 8 cm (about 3.2") from 160 NIS.
The price increases with the quality of the writing. Samples provided upon request.

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Peshutim Mehuddarim with relatively simple parashot start from 1250 NIS. Gassot start from 2200 NIS. With very fine beautiful parashot, they can go up to 4-5,000 NIS, or even more. Additions to the minimum cost for a pair of tefillin purchase increasingly high-quality parashot.
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Fine Megillot Esther start from 2400 NIS.
Superior megillot cost 3200-5000 NIS.
Top quality megillot run 6000 NIS-10,000 NIS.
If you are interested in details, or for information about The Jerusalem Scribe Woodcut Megilla, please write to us.


means the parchment scroll alone. Accessories are purchased separately; see below.

New Sifrei Torah

New Torah scrolls run from about 85,000 NIS-250,000 NIS. As the price increases, so does the beauty and precision of the writing. We will gladly provide samples upon request.

Used Sifrei Torah

Used Torahs run from about 30,000 NIS up to around 100,000 NIS, mostly in the 40,000-80,000 NIS range. There are cheaper ones, but they are generally problematic since they might not last well even if they are kosher at the time of purchase. Some used Torah scrolls show signs of fire damage presumably sustained during the Holocaust (These generally hail from the former Eastern Bloc). Torah scrolls of various sizes are available. The lighter weight of the smaller Torahs is an advantage, but in full-sized Torahs the script is larger

Prices generally include a Torah scroll which has recently been checked by authorized scribes (hagaha l'tzurat ha'ot) under our supervision and will be authorized kosher for use.


We can arrange purchase of a mantle and new rollers (atzei chaim) or a Sefardi Torah case at your expense and according to your specifications, if you so desire. Rollers start at 1200 NIS, with additions for inscriptions and/or silver ornamentation. The prices of mantlach vary widely, depending what you want.

The Next Step

In order to proceed further we need to know whether you require some specific size, script (Beit Yosef, Ari, Vellish) and price range. Let us know what you want.

Computer Check

A computer check to ensure there are no mistaken words in the Torah costs 2,000 NIS, including necessary repairs within reason.


The Jerusalem Scribe gives a discount on wholesale orders. If this applies to you, inform us of your needs and we will respond, iy"H

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